The Anders Foundation is helping Mari reach her goal of a place in her Grade 1 Dressage event for the Tokyo Olympics, 2020. MARI WRITES: I am a Grade 1 (new grades for 2017) Para Dressage Rider; I have cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs and has left me weaker down my left side. As a result of my CP my coordination, balance and muscle tone are all affected. I compete in Para Dressage at National and International level. I am extremely grateful to have received a grant from the Anders Foundation. It will help enormously and allow me to have my trainer at all my competitions. It is important that I have my trainer at competitions as I am unable to work my horses in anything but walk; my trainer is able to warm them up properly for me and make sure that they are ready for me to go and produce the best result that we can in our tests. Horses are my legs and together we excel. I used to get bullied a lot when I was younger as I was different to other children but then I found riding and my life changed. This was something that I was extremely good at and able to succeed at. I am told very often that I am an inspiration to others and I enjoy inspiring the next generation of para riders. My motto has always been ‘everything happens for a reason’. A lot has been thrown at me but I have dealt with it and will keep pushing and fighting until I reach my long term goal of getting to the Paralympics and winning a gold medal. RESULTS FROM 2016 Grade 3 Restricted Winter Championships before being re classified to a 1a (the most impaired of all the grades) as my condition has deteriorated. Grade 1a Silver Restricted Champion. 2nd British Dressage Nationals in the KBIS Gold Grade 1a Para Championships class. Selected to represent GB at Hartpury International my first ever 3* International; I was placed and finished just behind Rio Paralympian's. GOALS Short term: Compete at the Para Dressage Restricted Winter Championships; qualify for all the major National and International competitions in the Uk. Long term: To be selected for the World Equestrian Games, Europeans and Paralympics in Tokyo and beyond and to win a gold medal.